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Stoki i wyciągi narciarskie w Krynicy Zdrój

Ski slopes

Krynica-Zdrój is a place for active recreation, suitable for persons at any age.  In the winter, you will have a chance to visit very well prepared downhill ski slopes.


The longest Gondola Lift in Poland, covering 7 ski routes of varied level of difficulty, able to serve 7500 persons per hour. All of the ski-slopes are groomed, with an option of creating artificial snow. A wide selection of food is available, close to the slopes. The lower stations are surrounded by a car park which is able to accommodate several thousand vehicles. Numerous ski rental services and ski academies are located there as well.
See the routes map 


Located in Krynica, it is a family skiing station with a varied offer for professional skiers, snowboarders, as well as for beginners. It is a perfect spot to spend a winter weekend with your Family and Friends.
It is located in the vast valley of Słotwiny in Krynica Zdrój, 760 meters above the sea level, which is a guarantee of good skiing conditions, all winter long.

  • Modern, 3-person seat lift
  • A complex of platter lifts
  • Training ‘BABY LIFT’ with a winter “KUBUŚ-SKI” playground
  • 10 ski routes, with varied level of difficulty,
  • Routes are separately maintained in a daily manner, snow may be artificially provided, artificial lighting has also been arranged,
  • SNOWPARK AZOTY - Professional jumps, 6m T-BOX, and so on...
  • Organization of winter sport games and family ski picnics,
  • Snow and “winter atmosphere”, 130 days a year,
  • 40 comfortable accommodation slots at "Hut at the Slope",
  • Rich gastronomy - bar and restaurant
  • Beautiful views and microclimate,
  • Tourist information,
  • Ski service, permanent support provided by the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR),


The ski routes are located at the altitude between 750 and 790 meters above the sea level, and are going through so called Połoniny Słotwińskie.
In order to make use of the aforesaid routes, you should take the 4 (WN 4) lift at the Krynica-Zdrój-Słotwiny CN Azoty facility, to reach the top station, where properly marked cross-country skiing routes have their starting points.
The centre offers the skiers with two ski routes:
1. SMALL LOOP (BLUE) - 1200 meters long, perfect for learning and making your first steps in cross-country skiing, with a minor altitude difference to tackle. Marked with blue arrows.
2. LARGE LOOP (RED) - 3600 meters long, quite demanding, prepared for cross country skiers of high skills and in good shape. Marked with red arrows.
Information pertaining to the cross-country skiing routes - +48 725 580 011


SŁOTWINY Ski Resort is located close to the route exiting Krynica towards Nowy Sącz. The complex consists of 9 ski lifts, several routes with a varied difficulty level, numerous ski rental points and schools - to name a few of the advantages of the SŁOTWINY Ski Complex. Besides the fun for skiers, the facility also features one of the best snowparks in the region and a rich offer for snowboarders, which cannot be omitted. At the foot of the mountain you’ll find a car park and access a rich restaurant offer.
See the routes map


It is a ski-station located in the very heart of Krynica.  The routes are moderate, when it comes to difficulty. They are very well prepared and maintained, throughout the whole winter season. The slope is well-lit and open until the late evening, which is a perfect way to end the day for any skier, also after the dinner. Car park is free of charge, and a major guesthouse encourages the skiers to spend their free time there. At the foot of the slope, you’ll find a ski rental and repair service, along with a ski instruction centre. The ski routes are placed at the slopes of the Krzyżowa mountain.
See the routes map


“Tylicz” Ski Station is placed at the limits of the Beskid Sądecki range, in the south-eastern part of Lesser Poland, close to Krynica. The town of Tylicz is located at the altitude of 580 meters above the sea level, in the valley of the Muszynka and Mochnaczka streams, meanwhile, skiing area is placed on the slopes of Bradowiec, the height of which is 770 meters above the sea level. 
The location of the resort, surrounded by the Poprad Landscape Park, in peaceful surroundings, with good access roads and competitive price of accommodation, guarantee a good stay, for your family and friends.  “Tylicz” Ski Station is also a perfect venue to start to learn how to ski or how to ride a snowboard. Close to the parking lot, Gościniec Top-Ski guesthouse is located, at which you may have a tasty meal and get some warmth. 

Ski routes:
The ski resort has a 750 meters chairlift, with two ski-lifts and a safe, Baby Ski lift, which is dedicated to be used by the youngest skiers. Modernized and incredibly varied ski routes will be satisfactory both for the advanced, as well as for the beginners. 

The ski station encompasses 7 routes, the total length of which is 5 kilometers, while the shape of the terrain makes it possible to ride down the slope of Bradowiec along 11 different route combinations. A specially separated slope also guarantees safety for the youngest skiers.

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