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Pijalnia Główna

Pijalnia Główna [Main Mineral Waters Drinking House]

The facility has been handed off for use back in 1971, it is of modernistic design. Back in October 2014, a major restoration of the building has been completed.

Waters, such as the ones listed below, are served at the said facility: Jan, Słotwinka, Tadeusz, Zdrój Główny, Zuber. The latter mineral water has become especially popular, due to its peculiar taste.

“Jan” is useful in treatment and prevention of urinary tract diseases, liver and gallbladder dysfunctions, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes or obesity.

“Słotwinka” treats chronic diseases of digestive tract and illnesses caused by magnesium shortage: neurosis. It also supports the process in which heavy metals are being metabolized.

“Tadeusz” is used to treat the haematopoietic system diseases, in case of a variety anemias and in case of bowel dysfunction, and in case of post-treatment recovery after the infectious diseases, or in case of anemias caused by professional poisoning.

“Zuber” is used to treat the digestive tract, has anti-inflammatory properties and cleans the mucosa of the digestive tract.

Pijalnia Jana

It is located within the Park Zdrojowy, in the Nikifor Krynicki Alley, 300 meters from Bulwary Dietla, at the foot of Góra Parkowa. At this drinking house, only two types of water are available: „Jan” and „Józef”.
Back in the 1880s, here, two wooden houses with springs of “Józef” and “Jan” water existed. Back in 1923 these facilities have been reconstructed, and transformed into the current drinking house. The building located within the park is covered with a hipped roof with a cupola at its top, and illuminated with stylish lanterns. The “Józef’s” spring has been originally called the “Dudzik’s” spring, the name was derived from the owner’s last name. When back in 1880 the spring has been bought by the Spa Board, it was named after Dr Józef Merunowicz, who was the manager of the Sanitary Department of Viceroyalty of Lviv, taking care of development of Krynica. The name of the second spring is related to the name of the bath attendant - Jan - who brought water from an unused spring to the patients involved in peat baths.

 “Józef” has diuretic and weak cholepoietic properties, it treats the blood deficiencies and has a reinforcing effect, in general.

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