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Nikifor Museum
It is located in a wooden “Romanowka” villa, typical of 19th Century health resorts. 

The building in question, until the year 1990, has been located in ul. Piłsudskiego, it was later dismantled and, following a major restoration, re-erected at a new location in the city centre, in the Bulwar Dietla [Dietel’s Boulevard], in front of the Stary Dom Zdrojowy [Old Spring House]. The museum broadly presents the lifetime achievements of one of the most famous naïve painters, Nikifor (1895-1968) who for almost his entire life had been living in Krynica. Here, paintings of his coming from all periods of his creative life are presented, both watercolors, gouaches, as well as drawings, presenting the varied portfolio of themes that were interesting for the artist: landscapes with churches, architecture of Krynica, interiors, train stations, offices, “dollar factories”, portraits, and so on. The documentary part of the exhibition features Nikifor-related memorabilia, publications and photographs.

The museum also serves as a place which hosts exhibitions by renowned unprofessional and folk artisits.
Opening of the Nikifor Museum has been considered to be the most interesting Museum event of the year 1995. Here, memorabilia and paintings relating to Nikifor have been collected. Nikifor was a self-taught artist born back in 1895, the works of whom have been rediscovered back in 1930s, and were described as naive art which also became famous outside of Poland. Nikifor, permanent resident of Krynica, and referred to, since 1962, as Nikifor of Krynica, has left more than 2000 watercolor paintings behind him. On paper, cardboard, boxes, most often he has been painting very colorful cityscapes, buildings, churches, as well as religious motifs and portraits. His works were signed with senseless sets of letters.

At the museum, 77 works by Nikifor have been collected, mostly coming from the inter-war period, considered to have been the best in his career. Moreover, his small painter’s workshop is presented, including a famous chest in which he has been keeping all of his property, self-made stamps, photos of the artist from the last decade of his life (the only existing photos), taken by his legal guardian, visual artist, Marian Wosiński. Within the exhibition, books and articles on Nikifor, written by Polish and foreign authors, posters, catalogues from the exhibitions and invitations, are all being presented.
The museum also serves as a place which hosts exhibitions by renowned unprofessional and folk artists.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday - 10AM-1PM, 2PM-5PM
Sunday - 10AM - 3PM
Bulwary Dietla 19, 33-380 Krynica, Poland
Phone: +48 18 471 53 03

Museum of Toys 

Since July 15th 2010, a new Museum facility has been active in Krynica-Zdrój. “Bajka”  Museum of Toys has been opened within a couple of cellar rooms of Nowe Łazienki Mineralne [New Mineral Baths]. The Krynica exhibition is affiliated to a similar Museum located in Kudowa-Zdrój (established back in 2002). This is the fourth facility of this type. Maria Ozierańska is the owner, and founder of the Museum.  
The oldest toys showcased in Krynica date back to the prehistory. They have been found during the archaeological works in Elbląg. The remaining portion of the collection comes from the 19th and early 20th Century.
“Bajka” collection includes all forms of toys, with a beautiful collection of historical toys, regional toys, and other objects which some time ago were loved by their owners, treated as the “most important in the world”, now proudly presented, exhibiting their full shine.

The Museum is opened every day, besides the Easter, November 1st and December 25th.
Opening hours: 10AM - 5PM - Daily.
Holidays: 9AM - 6PM - Daily.
“Bajka” Museum of Toys, Kudowa-Zdrój
Krynica-Zdrój Branch
ul. Piłsudskiego 2 -  Nowe Łazienki Mineralne
33-380 Krynica Zdrój, Poland
Phone: +48 693 634 114, +48 783 783 139

Mountain Tourism Museum

This is one of a couple of Museums located in the Polish mountains, presenting the history of exploration and mountain tourism traditions in Poland and within the areas which, some day in the past, belonged to Poland.  The Jaworzyna-Krynicka museum has been active since the year 1970. The exhibition, above all, presents the history of tourism in the Beskid Sądecki area, along with guerilla warfare in the Jaworzyna Krynicka range.

The most precious exhibit is a memorial guest book, from the pre-war period. The mountain hut has been burnt down, nonetheless the guest book has been saved and can be browsed even today, with entries made by the pioneers of the Beskid Sądecki mountains organized tourism. Moreover, individual exhibitions covering the lives of the most prominent tourism activists are also showcased at the museum. In this way, among other persons, Kazimierz Sosnowski has been honored. He was one of the founders of the “Main Beskidy Trail”. Alongside him, the life of Walery Goetel has also been presented. Goetel was a co-founder of the national parks located close to the Polish border.  One of the rooms covers the history of tourism in Beskid Sądecki, within which heritage of the local tourism activists, and genesis of arranging the routes and mountain huts within that region are altogether presented. A separate part of the exhibition presents the history of guerilla warfare in the Jaworzyna Krynicka range. The fights constituted a very important episode of the warfare in the region.   It is worth to make a stop here in between your mountain excursions, to get acquainted with the rich history of the local mountains and mountaineers.

Muzeum Turystyki Górskiej przy schronisku PTTK na Jaworzynie Krynickiej
Contact information:
phone: +48 18 471 54 09

Private Nature-Hunting Museum - “Łuczakówka” 

In Krynica-Zdrój, in ul. Halna 37, a Private Nature-Hunting “Łuczakówka” museum, established, organized and managed by Mr. Józef Łuczak, is located. Józef Łuczak is a lover of hunting and nature. At the museum, you may have a look at several hundred preserved animals, some of which are protected. The collection has been accumulated during 30 years of hunting, collecting and receiving the exhibits in a form of gifts. All of the animals have been preserved by Mr. Łuczak for educational purposes. They are meticulously protected in glass enclosures. 
The Museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 9AM to 4PM. It is best though to contact Mr. Łuczak in person, before visiting the facility (+48 507 497 694 / +48 18 447 51 24), then the owner may guide you around the museum in person, and tell you more about the gathered collection.

In the first room, also referred to as the “Bird Room” by the owner, more than 300 preserved birds are stored - songbirds, ornamental birds and game birds.  Around 80% of the bird species presented are a subject to protection. The Indian peafowl, attached to the ceiling, presenting all of its grace, is especially impressive. The second room, presenting the game and predators, features a collection of deer antlers and roe antlers (80 and 250 examples respectively), moose antlers (blades), antlers of fallow deers and of a mouflon. In the glass cabinets, preserved mammals, predators and other game has been placed. Wolves, wildcats, beaver, otter, lynx, wolverine and raccoons, preserved as a complete body, are certainly worth of being noticed. The animals arranged into peculiar scenes, e.g. foxes attacking a weak wild boar or two piglets biting each other, are especially impressive. 

Safari fans will not be disappointed. Trophies of the animals hunted by Mr. Józef in Namibia, or in the Kalahari desert are also exhibited.  Springbok, Oryx Kudu, Springbok, Hartebeest, Giraffe and an Ostrich are all being presented at the museum. Gnu and Warthog trophies have been received by the Museum from a friend, with whom Mr. Łuczak took part in a safari. Besides the trophies, collection of butterflies, walking sticks, three species of African thorn trees, samples of desert rocks and salt from the desert areas, are all also shown to the visitors.

Moreover, the owner also showcases a huge collection of firearm replicas, hunting and military firearms and models of the “Norma” hunting ammunition. At the end of a tour, the owner also shows the visitors his own, unique and handmade rifle, the stock of which is covered with the deer and roe antlers - it is hugely impressive too.

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