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maj 2020
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cze 2020
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Fontanna multimedialna

Multimedia fountain

The fountain has been placed at the central point of the Krynica Boulevard, right next to the Stary Dom Zdrojowy [Old Spring House]. 

New, musical fountain has been inspired by the old, “round” one. It has been erected during the works, the goal of which was to modernize the Kryniczanka creek promenade, as a part of the general restoration works of the Krynica boulevard.

The current design features more than 90 jets, arranged in a circular layout, with 40 placed around the external pool and 51 in the internal pool, with a single central jet which is able to create a water column as high as 10 meters. The jets form a unified system, with music and multi-color lighting. 
The programme presented at the fountain includes a dancing water show. Then, we may hear, among other songs: „Classical Gas”  by Vanessa Mae, „Droga” by Michał Lorenc - which has been used in the “300 mil do nieba” (300 Miles to Heaven) movie,

Vivaldi’s “Spring”, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy or Enya’s “Orinoco Flow”.
The fountain remains active since the beginning of May, until the end of October.

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